Displays micro-LED may be almost a third cheaper than current led displays

While technical difficulties prevent mass production of displays on a miniature light emitting diode (micro-LED), but if they manage to overcome the cost of these displays will be lower than the current led displays. According to the manufacturers of the LEDs, the difference compared to the led displays with a pixel pitch of 1.25 mm will be approximately 30%.

An example of the display micro-LED is a 110-inch display, designed for installation in areas that Sony has set up this year at CES. It uses a technology called Crystal LED Integrated Structure (CLEDIS). Part of this technology is the transfer of crystals micro-LED on a common substrate. While the manufacturer failed to prepare this technology for implementation in mass production, so the cost of the display is too high for commercialization.

It is expected that wearable electronics displays, micro-LED will appear not earlier than 2020.

Source: Digitimes


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