Display Samsung Cinema Screen with a diagonal of 10 m will compete with cinema projectors

During the event, Cinemacon 2017 South Korean company Samsung Electronics has introduced led display, designed for cinema, which is called Samsung Cinema Screen.

According to the creators, Samsung Cinema Screen must compete with the traditional projector technologies applied today in theaters. Samsung says that this is the first cinema LED display that supports High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Its diagonal is slightly more than 10 m (34 ft), while the resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels. The peak level brightness display is 10 times greater than that of the standard theatrical projectors (500 vs 50 CD/m2). The manufacturer claims that the panel displays a very vibrant color and deep black, and the contrast tends to «infinity to 1″.

Samsung Cinema Screen is superior to the DCI specifications, which are used in digital cinema to evaluate the quality, characteristics and reliability of the equipment. At the moment the display is in the process of certification DCI.

The screen will be complemented by a modern sound system, which was created with participation of specialists from Harman and Samsung Audio Lab.



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