Display Asus VG245Q supports frame synchronization AMD FreeSync

The range of Asus has a monitor VG245Q imprisoned purely for gaming use. This is evidenced not only by the matrix TN with a time shift between the shades of gray in 1 MS, but frame rate 75 Hz, coupled with support for AMD FreeSync for smoother output image. A delay in the processing and conclusion of each frame are also reduced.

The 24-inch panel has a color gamut of 72% NTSC space and equipped with anti-reflective coating. The resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, the backlight provides brightness of 250 CD/m2. And it works at high frequency modulation, eliminating the visible eye flickering. Another useful option is the ability to adjust the level of blue color that is useful in the later time of the day. Profiles GameVisual can optimize the image for a specific game genre, movie or sRGB.

Display Asus VG245Q got two HDMI ports and one D-Sub and DisplayPort inputs, along with stereo speakers total power of 4 watts. The stand allows height adjustment, tilt and rotation to portrait orientation.



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