Disassembly of the smartphone Meizu Pro 6 Plus showed that engineers without the use of heat pipes

Recently, the company Meizu introduced a smartphone Meizu Pro 6 Plus, which is secreted primarily by the quality of the images, if you focus on the first reviews.

It took not much time and there were craftsmen who have decided to disassemble the smartphone. Maintainability, they are not evaluated, but the report allows you to look inside the news.

The first stage of the disassembly process — the separation of the display from the metal case of the device. Despite this, split a smartphone into two «halves» easy. And then you just need to be careful and attentive.

It can be noted the modularity of many components, and lack of heat pipes. Recall, Meizu Pro 6 Plus based on the Exynos SoC 8890, like the Samsung Galaxy S7. But the latter heat pipe available.



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