Disassembly of the laptop is Apple MacBook Pro with Touch pannel Bar showed that with the device better be very careful

A couple of weeks ago, the specialists iFixit disassembled brand new laptop Apple MacBook Pro in version without a panel, Touch the Bar and set him for maintainability just two points out of ten. Came modification with the same 13-inch display, but with the bar Touch Bar.

Looking ahead, its maintainability is worse.

Open the bottom cover that is easy to do, if not to take into account the need for a special screwdriver for the Pentalobe screws, we see immediately that two equal-size version of the MacBook Pro are much different inside.

At least, the current hero news two the cooling fan against one from the Junior models, and they look different.

In addition, the motherboard can detect the connector to which nothing is connected. And he also covered with a plug. So to assume that the robots at the factory forgot something to connect, it would be foolish, you can call this connector or test engineering.

The motherboard looks unusual, like a blank for VR points or attempt of a small child to draw a car. Anyway, the motherboard houses the processor Intel Core i5-6267U, Intel Thunderbolt JHL6540 3, the flash memory chips SanDisk SDRQKBDC4 064G, chips, RAM Samsung K4E6E304EB-EGCE, the Wi-Fi module Murata/Apple 339S00056, chip APL1023 343S00137 (Apple T1), is responsible for the fingerprint scanner, audio codec Cirrus Logic CS42L83A and other components.

USB ports-C still can be replaced in case of damage, which is important in the absence of a separate port for charging.

Another interesting feature — a sham in a sense the speaker grilles. As you can see in the photo, the emitters are in an entirely different place.

Touch panel touch Bar professionals to dismantle simply failed. A large number of adhesive and the shape of the panel played a cruel joke — touch the part separated from the main part of the screen. So it is better not to damage this part of the laptop, because to replace it, most likely, will not work. The panel meets controller Broadcom BCM5976TC1KUB60G.

Battery capacity reporting laptop is to 49.2 W·h, despite the fact that a more affordable version of the installed battery capacity of 54.5 W·h

As a result, the unit earned only one point for the fact that the touchpad can be removed without disassembling the laptop completely. In the cons the novelty of recorded brand screws, plenty of glue, soldered to system Board, CPU, RAM and SSD, the inability to replace the Touch panel Bar and, interestingly, a fingerprint scanner. The fact that, as in the iPhone, dactyloscopy «tied» to a particular processor in a particular device. In this case, the chip Apple T1. And if you break the fingerprint scanner on the new MacBook Pro, which at the same time stands still and the power button on the device, it will most probably result in the need to replace the whole motherboard or is buying a new laptop, more likely.



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