Disassembled iPhone X iFixit specialists found it to be a dual battery and dual PCB

The specialists of iFixit couldn’t get past the launch of the most iconic in recent years, smartphone for Apple. Of course, they took apart the iPhone X and evaluated its maintainability. Looking ahead, it was not as bad as you would think.

So disassembly starts with the dismantling of the screen. It’s good though that a broken screen is the most common failure in smartphones, so you never have to disassemble the device completely to reach it.

After the screen is cleared, the eyes of the user will see probably the most unusual feature of iPhone X. No, it turns out, this is not a frameless screen or camera TrueDepth. This is a two battery!

Of course, it would be correct to say that the battery is two cells, but whatever it was, this in smartphones we had not met. The battery capacity is of 10.35 W·h such a step, Apple went for greater flexibility in the use of interior space. And two-piece battery case is not done.

In order to fit everything inside a compact body, Apple had to use a very compact printed circuit Board. Its «external» surface area is only 70% of the area of the printed circuit Board of the iPhone 8 Plus. But just because Apple would not accommodate such a miniature surface all the necessary components, so charge the iPhone X dual: two printed circuit boards are laminated together. This is the first time since the very first smartphone of copertina.

In the end, the effective area of both parts of the motherboard (or total area) is 135% square charges the iPhone 8 Plus. If you look at the x-ray the innards of a novelty, it will become clear why other manufacturers is impossible to fit everything inside such enclosures without the use of a double battery and double circuit boards, and Apple failed.

This is due to the fact that a very considerable part of the internal volume eats up a module Taptic Engine and same camera TrueDepth.

Returning to the circuit Board, it is a SoC the Apple A11 Bionic, combined with the chip RAM SK Hynix H9HKNNNDBMAUUR, audio codec 338S00248 Apple, adapter Apple wireless interfaces USI 170821 339S00397 transceiver WTR5975 Qualcomm, Qualcomm MDM9655 X16 LTE and many other components. PCB is very densely «populated» elements.

Camera TrueDepth, as you can see, has three loops. This suggests that it does not contain any microprocessor, which first processed the whole array of necessary data from all parts of the chamber, and then passed in A11 Bionic.

In the end, iPhone X earned a repairability score of six out of a possible ten, that is the same as the iPhone 8. The pros recorded that for screen repair or replacement, battery there is no need to disassemble the smartphone, as well as the fact that the screen replacement does not require camera replacement TrueDepth. By cons and the controversial aspects related to the abundance of glue, specialty screws, lots of plumes, and the presence of glass in the front and rear. And to replace the latter it is necessary to completely disassemble the device.



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