Directory Pro Design has added the proFPGA modules for fast prototyping using FPGA Virtex UltraScale+

Pro Design company specializing in solutions for developers of integrated circuits, has announced the release of three models of the proFPGA modules designed for rapid prototyping using FPGA. New modules compatible with the base boards proFPGA. They can be used together with other proFPGA modules series.

The proFPGA modules XCVU9P, XCVU7P and XCVU5P based on FPGA Virtex UltraScale+. The manufacturer notes optimization modules on the criterion of signal integrity — even the PCB material is chosen based on maximum frequency. Coupled with special high-speed connectors, this allows you to data transfer rate up to 1 Gbit/s using standard lines I / o and FPGA to 23 Gbps using high-speed transceiver circuits.

The PCB of the module there are six expansion slots, 585 available to the user lines I / o logic elements, the number of which is equivalent to 7.1 to 14 million ASIC gates, and 64 of the above-mentioned high-speed transceiver. This allows in particular to simulate and test modern interfaces like PCIe Gen4.

The proFPGA modules XCVU9P, XCVU7P and XCVU5P is already available for order.

Source: Pro Design


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