DigiTimes reports that Intel has postponed the launch Cannonlake processors for the whole year

According to earlier roadmaps and leaks, before the end of this year, Intel would have to release the Cannonlake processors. This family will enter the eighth-generation CPU Core, but it will be the first switched to the 10-nanometer process technology. And yet, according to various reports, the Cannonlake processors will be available only in the mobile segment, but for now it’s just a guess.

Unfortunately, according to the resource DigiTimes, which refers to its sources among suppliers of components, Intel moved the launch Cannonlake. And suffered as much at the end of next year.

Supposedly the reason for this are some of the challenges the company faced during the development of 10-nanometer standards. And if the migration is not surprising, because it is not the first from Intel in recent years, the transfer of the whole year is strange. In addition, at the end of next year is expected to reach CPU Ice Lake, which will use updated 10-nanometer process technology. Why will need Cannonlake is unclear.

It is worth considering that this is unofficial information, so, quite possibly, the first Intel on the new workflow will appear before the end of 2018.



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