Device Ring Video Doorbell 2 began to see better at night and got replacement panels

More than a year ago, we wrote about the device Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which combines the functions of a modern doorbell button and a surveillance camera.

Among other things, allow you to set motion detection areas, the situation in which to track the device.

Now the company Ring introduced the second generation of its hybrid product. First, the device has a convenient removable battery. It is required if the regular doorbell was not possible to connect to the electrical network.

The camera is still able to capture video in Full HD resolution. The manufacturer says about the improved night vision, expanding the view angle up to 180 degrees, and the presence of interchangeable panels.

The device costs $ 200. In a press release, by the way, it is said that now there are more than 1 million users of the first generation, that is, it is really popular.


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