Device EyeQue allows you to check your vision with your smartphone

On the site KickStarter is a fundraiser for release device EyeQue that allows you to check your vision at home. It is designed for use in conjunction with a smartphone running the free app myEyeQue available for iOS and Android.

The measurement results are processed by the cloud service, then the user receives them exactly in the same form, which uses the doctor doing a diagnosis and writing a prescription for glasses.

You can use self-ordering points. In addition, accumulating measurement results, the user can follow the changes of view. If necessary, the data can provide the doctor.

By participating in the fundraiser, you can get a copy EyeQue for $25 (excluding shipping cost). Set a goal to raise $25,000, the creators EyeQue has already raised almost three times more. The fundraiser ends in eight days.

Source: Kickstarter


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