Device eMagin BlazeSpark turns a smartphone into a night vision device

Simultaneously with the consumer night vision device BlazeTorch, which costs $999, the company eMagin has introduced another new product with the same function. Device eMagin BlazeSpark allows you to see in very low light conditions. It costs $299.

Unlike BlazeTorch device BlazeSpark does not have its own screen. It works in tandem with a smartphone.

Mobile app SparkApp available only in the version for Android allows you to record video and conduct live streaming. Device with a wide angle lens work without recharging up to 3 hours.

As can be seen in the illustrations, the design BlazeSpark is that it remains available and the main camera of the smartphone, as well as flash, where it can be equipped with.

The date of commencement of supply announced on the 5th of December.

Source: eMagin


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