Device ELMO Huddle Space allows to organize the interaction, performing switching of HDMI

The company’s range ELMO joined the Huddle Space device, which the manufacturer calls «a hub for interaction.» In fact, this HDMI switch with eight inputs, allowing you to display on big screen image from any source.

The hub makes it possible, for example, to organize the interaction in the class or working group with the principle of BYOD, which means that students or employees use their own computers or mobile devices.

In addition to the output hub has other functions including two way voice and video recording to the memory card. Provides connection for an external microphone. Eat Huddle Space from an AC adapter or battery purchased separately.

The advantages Huddle Space manufacturer considers independence from OS and device type, as well as the cost of installation, setup and updates inherent in software solutions, besides occupying network resources.

Prices on ELMO Huddle Space start at $579.

Source: ELMO


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