Developments Nvidia, the Max-Q based on changes in the GPU, adapted game settings and settings of the cooling systems

Last week, Nvidia announced a Max-Q — integrated approach to internal technical design of laptops, which allows manufacturers to create thinner and lighter model of the game with top-end 3D cards.

At the time of announcement Nvidia did not disclose details about Max-Q, but they came a little later. So, the term Max-Q implies a range of measures, including changes in the GPU, game settings, especially in the cooling systems of laptops and the effectiveness of regulators. According to the representative of Nvidia, on Max-Q, the company has worked together with manufacturers of mobile PC.

You need to understand that while maintaining a high level of energy consumption components for mobile PCs at the moment there is no suitable for mass production ways to improve the cooling of the CPU and GPU so to put them in a significantly more subtle than the usual case. The main source of heat in gaming laptops are the graphics processors. For example, the TDP of the GeForce GTX 1080 model, up to 150 watts and in this case it is impossible to adequately cool the GPU WITH this compact. Therefore, before Nvidia had the task to reduce power consumption without affecting performance.

If you believe the company it was possible to significantly reduce the level of power consumption of this graphics card: up to 90 watts. Of course, not without influence on performance. Nvidia is said to reduce maximum performance by 10-15%. That is a TDP of 90 watts, the company believes peak efficiency.

Also Nvidia has been working on the efficiency of voltage regulators. It is reported that during TDP 90 W efficiency regulators initially was 80%. But not reported, which results ultimately made the Nvidia. Partners the company provides all the necessary information regarding the electrical specifications, which allows them to use the achievements of Nvidia.

Max-Q implies and characteristics of cooling systems. In particular, the noise level should not exceed 40 dB. But the design of the coolers themselves, apparently, lies with the manufacturers of laptops so that every company will have their own ways of achieving high efficiency at low noise level.

In addition, in the current month in GeForce Experience will be a new mode called Whisper. It will be available for all gaming laptops with GPU generation Pascal. The essence of this mode is extremely simple. It limits the frame rate in games at a certain level to achieve the maximum acoustic comfort. But the restriction is achieved, and by reducing the load on the GPU. That is, if a particular PC game can give 100 K/s at full load GPU, the Whisper mode will limit the frequency, for example, up to 60 fps. this is most Likely achieved the same decrease in the frequency of the GPU. In turn, this will reduce heat dissipation and fan speed.

And this is the extent to which will decrease the frame rate for each game will be your. For example, in network shooters, the frequency will be higher than in single-player RPG.

Mode Max-Q can affect graphics quality settings in games to reduce the load on the GPU and, consequently, the level of noise. Nvidia uses its enormous power to determine optimal settings for a particular game. Now says more than 400 projects for which these settings are already defined.

In sum, we get a holistic approach to the design and operation modes of gaming laptops. Users will get a more thin, light, quiet and «cold» games mobile PC, often completely without sacrificing anything.



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