Development Research allows Nestle to reduce by 40% the sugar content in chocolate

Last week the developers of the Department of research and development Nestle Research reported that they called a true scientific breakthrough. We are talking about the possibility of the production of chocolate with the same taste, but reduced to 40% sugar content.

In a published press release mentions that scientists from the Nestle Research found a way to give Sahara a new structure, using exclusively natural ingredients. Produced using the new technology, the chocolate loses its taste, but contains much less sugar.

On the left in the following image you can see the sugar crystals with a regular structure, right — development of Nestle.

The emergence of new sweets Nestle in the market, made according to this recipe will only take place in 2018. Currently Nestle is engaged in resolving patent issues and improving the technology.

Details about the development of Nestle promises to tell next year, then the same will be held and the first public tasting.


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