Development of Sumitomo Chemical can halve the cost of OLED panels

Specialists of the company Sumitomo Chemical has succeeded in developing a technology that reportedly can significantly reduce the cost of production of OLED panels. According to published data, new materials and equipment to provide cost reduction by 50%. It is expected that this will lead to lower prices on OLED TVs and the increased use of OLED panels.

New materials for light-emitting layers created from Sumitomo Chemical, is designed for inkjet printing, more expensive than currently used technology vacuum deposition. In addition, emission of each primary color requires a separate layer, and new material, consisting of macromolecules, allows to replace them in one layer. It simplifies and reduces the cost of fabrication of the panel.

In the development of the participated company JOLED other manufacturers panels. The first product made by new technology, will monitor JOLED size 21.6 inch intended for use in medicine, which will appear on the market in autumn this year. It is expected that LG Display will introduce a new technology in their TV in 2019.

Source: LED Inside, Sumitomo Chemical

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