Developing YotaPhone 3 continues

In may 2015 there is information that Yota Devices plans to release the smartphone YotaPhone the YotaPhone 2c and 3. As for the YotaPhone 3, it should surpass its predecessor in all respects, to the main screen with higher resolution and improved E Ink screen, more RAM and a modern camera with a reduced thickness.

In October 2015, it became known that the Chinese company, REX Global Entertainment bought for $100 million and 64.9% stake in Yota Devices. It was also confirmed that REX Global Entertainment invests not less than $ 50 million in the development YotaPhone 3 and other products.

Recently on the official website Yota Devices in Instagram was again confirmed the fact that the development YotaPhone 3. Answering the question, will this smartphone ever, one of the developers said: «Thank you for your interest in our product. At the moment we are developing the third generation smartphone. Follow the news in our official groups. With best regards, YotaPhone».


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