Developers will get access to the SDK Aurora Reactive

Company Creative Technology has promised to publish the SDK Aurora Reactive. This tool for software developers will allow them to use in their apps programmable backlight Aurora Reactive Lighting System, which is equipped with the product family Sound BlasterX.

A lighting system Aurora Reactive Lighting System that can display 16.8 million colors, is equipped with AC Sound BlasterX Katana, Vanguard K08 keyboard, mouse Siege M04, external DAC amplifier AE-5 and AC Kratos S5.

Package Reactive Aurora SDK includes API library, sample programs, the mi documentation. According to the manufacturer, this is enough for even novice programmers were able to immediately begin to use the capabilities of Aurora’s Reactive Lighting System.

One component of the SDK is a utility Aurora Unity synchronizes highlighting a few products Sound BlasterX.

Registered developers will be able to receive monthly updates and support Creative.



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