Developer of software for self-driving cars AImotive ready to sell

Involved in development of software for self-driving cars AImotive Hungarian company, formerly known as AdasWorks ready sale.

She recently opened an office in Silicon valley, which should increase the interest of potential buyers. The young company was able to attract investments in the amount of 10.5 million dollars. Investors included Bosch and Nvidia.

According to the management AImotive, software developed by the company’s employees, which number over a short period of time increased from 15 to 120, operates on the principles of artificial intelligence. It is combined with inexpensive hardware: the system consists of six to twelve cameras cost only about $ 15 each. For comparison, the production Velodyne lidar, used in self-driving cars of Google, worth $ 75,000.

The system AImotive, should be ready in the next two years. However, most likely, the completion of the works will be preceded by the purchase of a major automaker. As example, consider the purchase in may of General Motors company of another young developer of the system is a self-governing movement for vehicles — Cruise Automation. The transaction value amounted to $ 700 million.

Source: Reuters


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