Develop Ford allows the car to detect pedestrians in the dark and automatically slow down for them

Followed by the message about testing the system warning the driver about potholes on the road, Ford has issued another news, too, for improving traffic safety. We are talking about technologies that detect pedestrians in the dark and warn the driver. Moreover, the system will brake automatically if the driver warning is not responding.

In the pedestrian detection system relies on information from the camera on the windshield and radar in the bumper. Software processing in real time allows the system to distinguish people from other objects.

In interviews, many drivers feel stressed because of driving in the dark, due to poor visibility and fear to bring down a pedestrian. In turn, statistics show that these fears are justified. The Ford is designed to reduce the number of accidents and reduce the stress experienced by drivers in the dark. The system has already been tested on public roads in busy cities, including Paris and Amsterdam.

Source: Ford


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