Deutsche Telekom until the end of the year will put into operation a system of protection against drones

German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom plans to end the current year to put into operation a system of protection against unmanned aerial vehicles. The system is designed to protect airports, stadiums and test tracks for cars, critical infrastructure.

The increase in the number of drones in commercial operation and private individuals has led to increased numbers of dangerous situations in areas where flying is prohibited. This prompted stakeholders to seek ways of protection. So, automakers have turned to Deutsche Telekom to develop a system that could prevent industrial espionage on the tracks which tested the new cars. Interest was also shown by the football club «Bavaria» wants to protect drones from football matches. According to the German media, the club turned to Rheinmetall, which produces arms and military equipment, to inquire about the possibility of buying the electromagnetic system of protection against drones.

Source: Reuters


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