Deutsche Post DHL plans next year to begin testing Autonomous vehicles as a means of delivery

In the event GTC Europe, taking place now in Munich, Nvidia announced that the world’s largest postal service Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) and one of the leading suppliers of components for automobiles ZF intend to start testing Autonomous cars as a means of delivery of the goods.

Trial operation of 300 cars is expected to begin next year, and planned to open in 2019 official launch avtopilotiruemy fleet of 3000 vehicles.

In DPDHL electric vehicles will use a self-management system ZF ProAI on Nvidia Drive PX. The company DPDHL has 3000 electroforged StreetScooter to be equipped with numerous ZF sensors, including cameras, lidar and radar supplying data system ZF ProAI. The prototype shown in Europe the GTC, equipped with six cameras, one radar and two lidars. Processing the data using algorithms of artificial intelligence (AI), the car will be able to perceive the world, plan a safe route, take this route and Park.

It is assumed that the use of self-driving technology will provide more accurate and reliable delivery while reducing its cost. Shipping products from the Central base to the final destination is the most difficult and expensive aspect of the courier and commercial delivery of products.


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