Details about large investment of Foxconn in the US will tell in a few weeks

After coming to the USA to power of Donald trump (Donald Trump) and his statements about the revival of American manufacturing, the Network increasingly began to appear the rumors that Apple will be forced to manufacture smartphone in his native state. More precisely, direct production will have to establish Foxconn, which is the main manufacturer of the iPhone.

But, despite the fact that such conversations appeared in the beginning of the year, at this time, no final decisions have been made yet was not. This was announced personally by the Chairman of Foxconn Terry GU (Terry Gou).

According to him, the company plans a number of investments in the United States. These projects will require a large financial investment, and will imply the existence of a highly skilled workforce and advanced technology. Probably speech all the same about building a factory or several factories to produce smartphones Apple and maybe LCD displays.

As for more accurate information, it must provide at the beginning of summer, and the application will be done directly to the White house.



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