Despite the security technology Face ID in iPhone X, the data from the camera TrueDepth will be able to get all developers ON

The main feature of the iPhone X was the camera TrueDepth and based on it the Face ID feature. According to Apple, this technology is many times safer than fingerprint scanner. As in the case of Touch ID, the data from the camera TrueDepth are stored locally on the smartphone and not uploaded even the Apple.

However, there are nuances. It turns out that application developers though I do not have access directly to the data that uses the Face ID feature, but have access to the camera TrueDepth. And they have the right to store on its servers the information obtained using this camera, if it is necessary for software development.

Simply put, scanned the face of the user will be taken to third-party companies that Apple has nothing to do. Yes, it will be less accurate impression than a smartphone gets to work Face ID, but it’s still personal biometric data. Of course, the developers must sign an agreement stating that they will not transfer these data to third parties and will only use them to develop your own SOFTWARE, but how can I check all? In fact, biometric data, conventionally, 99% of iPhone users X through time will be in the order of hundreds or thousands of developers. Can not survive only those who do not use third-party software on iOS or it does not imply the need for data from TrueDepth.



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