Desktop Intel Pentium Nov Pentium will be called Gold

Intel decided on a rather unexpected rebranding. Reportedly, desktop processors Pentium generation Kaby Lake that have long been present in the market since November 2, will be renamed.

They will be named Pentium Gold CPU Xeon example of the new generation. Themselves model numbers will not change. Very strange that the Intel document as a renamed appear only three models: G4560, G4620 and G4600.

The source claims that a new name will help consumers to distinguish between desktop and mobile Pentium models, although this explanation looks very strange, because in this case you must make the same rename in General, all desktop CPU.

But the Pentium for some reason in this issue was special, as the new «atomic» generation Gemini Lake will also receive not just models of Pentium and Pentium Silver.

Perhaps this is just the first step in the future Intel will really take for the renaming of other families of the processors.



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