Designer line Lindlund contains four scales

Kickstarter is raising funds for an unusual range of Lindlund, which is intended for designers of iOS apps.

The line received its name in honor of its creators Jens Marklund (Marklund, Jens) and Axel Lindmarker (Axel Lindmarker), who in his work often used at the same time several lines.

The designers decided that if they can’t find convenient for their tasks range in selling, you should create it on their own.

The range includes four scales, including the well-known centimetres and inches. The third scale can measure up to 1800 pixels, and at certain points specified width and length of the popular Apple mobile devices. The fourth scale to fit 72 soldering. Pica is a typographic unit of measure of the size approximately 4,2333 mm.

Lindlund the creators claim that it is ideal to at any moment to draw the exact size of the iPhone display, and perform some sketches of a new application.

Accessory attracted a lot of attention, and the creators have already collected three times more money. The line is offered for $ 25, deliveries should begin in September.


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