Delphi Automotive acquires nuTonomy for $ 450 million

The company nuTonomy may be unknown to a wide range of motorists, but we wrote about it several times already. For example, last summer on Singapore roads out the world’s first unmanned vehicles of the taxi service. It was a Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV equipped with the appropriate systems nuTonomy.

Also you may recall that Peugeot has chosen for its first test of unmanned vehicles technology of this company.

Yesterday it became known that nuTonomy comes under the wing of Delphi Automotive — the world’s largest manufacturer of auto components with annual sales of about 20 billion dollars.

The total transaction value is 450 million dollars. It’s a lot, considering that nuTonomy was founded just four years ago. Under the deal, more than a hundred employees nuTonomy will go directly into a division of Delphi Automotive dealing with systems of self-driving. In a press release said, joined forces with nuTonomy, Delphi to the end of the year will have 60 Autonomous cars on three continents for testing.



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