Delphi and MobilEye will show at CES 2017, the self-driving car system CSLP

In August of this year, Delphi has received permission to test unmanned taxi in Singapore.

As it became known, the same company together with MobilEye will demonstrate self-driving car at CES 2017 in January next year. Recall that MobilEye has long collaborated with Tesla Motors, delivering the latest devices for machine vision, however recently the cooperation between the companies was terminated.

At CES 2017 main object Delphi and MobilEye will not be the car itself, and the system of Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP), which is a comprehensive solution to empower machines with the functions of the autopilot.

Company called CSLP first fully integrated solution for automated driving. The test car with this system will pass about 10 km on the highway and city roads as part of the tests. According to the companies, the CSLP is able to locate the vehicle with accuracy up to 10 cm even without GPS. The car with the CSLP will be able to move on the roads even without a markup, which is important for some countries. Ready version of the platform companies will be able to provide customers in 2019.



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