Dell has updated the XPS 27 AIO, equipping it with a modern CPU and a Radeon RX 570

At CES 2017, Dell introduced the XPS 27 AIO. It was possible to buy almost immediately after the announcement. However, the model was not equipped with the latest processors and graphics cards.

Now Dell has introduced an updated version of this candy bar. It is called exactly the same, but now can offer CPU Core i7-7700 Radeon RX 570. In the latter case, you are using a desktop card equipped with a GPU with 2048 stream processors. This allows you to name the candy bar game, if you forget that it is equipped with 27-inch flat panel 4K UHD. That is, most modern games will either have to put the highest graphics settings or lower the resolution.

RAM monoblock 16 GB, and for data storage is either HDD 2 TB SSD cache capacity of 32 GB, or full SSD of 512 GB.

As before, one of the main highlights of this model is the built-in sound system with 10 speakers with a total capacity of 50 watts. The ports have not changed and consists of USB 3.0 (x5), HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3, and Gigabit Ethernet. For the above-described modification with non-touch screen asking $ 2000. for $ 1550 you can buy a version with CPU Core i5-7400, half the RAM, HDD 1TB and only integrated GPU.



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