Delivery gaming laptops this year are projected at 5.5 million units

Analysts expect that this year will be shipped about 5.5 million of the gaming laptops. This market leader will be the company Asus, which will have 1.3 million pieces. Second place with a slight delay will take the company Micro-Star International (MSI), which is expected to ship 1.1-1.2 million laptops.

This is the situation on the world market. If we talk about some regions in China where the greatest demand is for inexpensive models, the largest provider performs Lenovo. However, other countries in the Asia-Pacific region and in Europe Asus and MSI is still in the lead.

In addition to laptops, Asus and MSI feel confident in the market of 3D cards, revived in connection with the popular cryptocurrency. MSI, for example, and during the year shipped more than 5 million 3D maps. Will help 3D cards and Gigabyte Technology, which feels the negative effect from the reduction of the motherboard market.



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