DelivAir uses drones for delivery at the address, and current location of the addressee

Specify the address of permanent or temporary residence of the addressee is still virtually no alternative option for the delivery of mail. The development of information technology may change the situation — there is no problem with tracking the user position in real time, especially in the absence of opposition on his part. In the company Cambridge Consultants decided to take advantage of it and started to develop a system of personal delivery of goods using drones.

The use of drones has another important advantage — speed. In fact, be available to such usage scenarios, like ordering a drink while walking, or medication if it is needed in the middle of the street, and to search for the nearest pharmacy no time. You can find the application of this method of delivery in case of breakage of the vehicle or in areas affected by the disaster.

For receiving orders is a mobile app DelivAir, and navigation is via GPS signal of a smartphone user. The system constantly transmits the UAV current location data of the user, yet it will not established visual contact. After this it is necessary to direct the smartphone to the sky — the app uses the built-in flash as a beacon that serves as a drone to navigate the final section of the path. Outbreaks transmitted coded signals to the UAV knew that before him the addressee. Hovering, the drone lowers the load on the cable, just have to accept it, then the camera flies to the base.


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