DALI Spektor: line of loudspeaker systems for stereo and home theater

DALI company introduced a line of speaker systems Spektor, who took one of the initial steps in the lineup. Model Spektor Spektor 1 and 2 have shelf performance, Spektor 6 was the only floor model in the series, and Spektor are Vokal centre speaker for home cinema.

Inherent in more expensive lines DALI ribbon tweeters are used, but bass loudspeaker has a characteristic for this manufacturer membrane from cellulose reinforced with wood fibers of arbitrary shape and location. This structural heterogeneity helps to avoid undesired self resonances of the membrane. Basket, apparently, die.

The fabric dome tweeter is characterised by a small movable weight (0,056 mg per 1 mm2), it surely works even in the lower part of its range that provides the best coordination of the speakers at the crossover frequency. In General, for the entire line of DALI Spektor claimed wide dispersion in the horizontal plane, reducing the requirements for the location of the listeners or the placement of speakers in the room.

All models are two-way and have port FI, located on the rear wall of the housing. Nominal impedance is 6 Ohms, and sensitivity increasing from 83 dB at the Junior bookshelf model (Spektor 1) to 88.5 dB in outdoor. Spektor 1 and Vokal got bass speakers with a diameter of 4.5 inches, models Spektor 2 and 6 diameter respectively of 5.25 and 6.5 inches. Diameter dome tweeter in all cases is 25 mm, except a younger model (21 mm).



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