Daimler has unveiled a prototype electric truck E Mitsubishi-Fuso Vision One

While Tesla is preparing to announce a prototype of its electric truck, Daimler unveiled the prototype of the truck E Mitsubishi-Fuso Vision One that uses electricity.

To begin, we note that Daimler owns 85% of shares of Japanese company Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, which is engaged in production of trucks (and buses) under the brand Mitsubishi.

As for the car, for the concept of the stated load capacity up to 11 tons and a cruising range of up to 350 km, which means that these trucks can be used for urban traffic and long distance, provided that the distance between the cities is relatively small.

E Mitsubishi-Fuso Vision One is only a prototype. But the automaker announced that it will begin sales of the serial electric truck in the next four years. The serial model, it may be a different design, and improved performance.

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