Cypress begins production deliveries of microcontrollers with integrated flash memory eCT

Company Cypress Semiconductor, which produces integrated circuits for embedded systems, and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), serving contract manufacturer of semiconductor products, announced that Cypress begins production deliveries of microcontrollers, which are embedded in a proprietary flash memory eCT (Embedded Charge-Trap). These products are manufactures at the UMC 40-nanometer process technology optimized by the criterion of power (40LP).

The area of a cell eCT is 0,053 µm2, which is about 25% smaller than the area of the smallest competing solutions. Memory eCT is characterized by high performance: random access time is 8 NS, the time of recording words 30 µs. In addition, the new memory meets the reliability requirements imposed on automotive electronics. Microcontrollers with the new memory is designed for automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. In the future, technology eCT you plan to use the microcontrollers manufactured according to the norms of 28 nm.

Source: Cypress


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