Cyanogen changed the name on Cyngn and began self-driving cars

A private company, Cyanogen was formed in 2012, she worked on the development of CyanogenMod based on Android and promotion of its commercial version called Cyanogen OS. A year ago it was announced the closure of CyanogenMod, but the former head of continued the project called Lineage OS.

Now it became known that Cyanogen is not closed, and changed the name on Cyngn and completely changed direction. Cyngn, which has already attracted investments in the amount of 115 million dollars, is now engaged in developing technology for driverless cars. In the next round of funding, the company wants to attract investment of at least $ 200 million.

Sources added that Cyngn can work not only on software but also on hardware-based solutions for unmanned vehicles. The company’s management believes that this direction will demonstrate the rapid growth in the next few years.

At the moment the company employs about 30 people, including engineers from Mercedes-Benz and Udacity, with Cyngn recruits.



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