CV211 ATEN adapter turns a laptop into the console, connect to another computer

ATEN International, which specializes in solutions for communications and integrated management, has introduced a USB adapter console at the base of the laptop CV211. According to the manufacturer, ATEN CV211 — the world’s most compact adapter of its kind. Its dimensions 70,5 x 53,69 x 30,1 mm (without cable clamp), and weight — 125 g. This means that the technician can always have the adapter with you and use it in any production environment. Another advantage of the CV211 is a unique design of the cable clip, which helps to control the position of the cables.

The device allows you to connect the laptop directly to any computer, with the result that the technician or administrator access to save data and perform other local operations on diagnostics and Troubleshooting, firmware upgrades, maintenance and repair. This approach can dramatically reduce maintenance time, especially in the absence of an Internet connection. It is important that the adapter requires no software installation and supports different platforms — Windows and Linux, and the nutrition it gets from the USB port.

Source: ATEN Russia


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