Customs gives «good» because it asks the owner of the brand Xiaomi in Russia

As we already reported, all the smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer was introduced in the customs register of intellectual property objects (TROIS). Initiated by the company «Smart orange», which is the official retail distributor of Xiaomi in Russia.

As a result began to receive information that customs does not give permission for the import of Xiaomi smartphones on the territory of the Russian Federation, and the parcel sent back to China.

Outraged users demanded that the Federal customs service (FCS) reported on their actions which violate the legislation of Russia. FCS was not long to remain silent, stating that it is governed by article 18 of the universal postal Convention (signed in Doha on October 11, 2012) and not let on the territory of Russia any goods, if he insists on it, the company that owns the brand in Russia. Experts have said that this is a precedent for the Russian market. The above article prohibits to include in any shipment of counterfeit and pirated products. But since FCS is unable to determine whether smartphones are counterfeit, the customs is guided by instructions from the copyright holder.

Next, we quoted the statement of the press service of the FCS: «the Recognition of counterfeit goods to the competence of the customs authorities is not true. Determine whether the products identified by the customs authorities, signs of violation of intellectual property rights (counterfeit), rests with the copyright holder. If the information provided by the right holder, moving the goods is counterfeit, the customs authorities shall take measures to prevent the importation into Russia of prohibited goods arriving by international mail, and ensure their immediate removal from the country.»

The actual owner of the rights to the brand Xiaomi in Russia is the company RDC Group, whose representative confirmed the fact of cooperation with the FCS. He added that customers should buy a smartphone Xiaomi only stores the RDC Group in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok, the salons of mobile operators and Russian Internet-store of Xiaomi.

About why official sales of Xiaomi will now have to pay for these smart phones almost twice, you can read in the relevant article in the Live section.



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