Custom SoC based on AMD’s Zen with the memory subsystem HBM2 can become the basis for Apple laptop MacBook Pro

The source claims that the Apple MacBook Pro can receive AMD processors. He refers to a report by Bits and Chips, which speaks of the signs of stagnation in mobile Intel. The lack of progress, especially if we talk about graphics performance, may prompt Apple to switch to more promising AMD Zen.

In this case, the basis of the next generation Apple MacBook Pro will be a custom SoC based on AMD Zen with the memory subsystem HBM2. According to reports, the custom-made products on the architecture of Zen will appear in 2018. If by that time Intel will not offer a decent alternative (and the published plans of the manufacturer does not allow us to hope for it), Apple’s decision to switch to AMD it is possible.

Source: Wccftech



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