Current trends of men’s fashion 2018

Men along with women pay to their appearance much attention. This applies not only maintain physical fitness. For modern men not be ashamed to visit the beauty salon, to show interest in the latest fashions, follow your diet and stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Changes affecting the usual routine of life of men, reflected in the wardrobe. He became more stylish and sophisticated. Representatives of the stronger sex include in their everyday images of the unusual things, however, look a consummate and stylish.

In the new season, designers didn’t disregard the desire of men to look fashionable and have offered many stylish and interesting new products. In addition to everyday outfits, more familiar to the male wardrobe, the trend of futuristic images. Bright and extravagant models with interesting silhouettes, textures, patterns, fabrics – a growing trend that will be popular for many more seasons.

The latest fashion shows men’s fashion is devoid of sharp lines and silhouettes become more baggy and loose. However, they are quite acceptable for office style. Offer to meet with the Top key trends of men’s fashion, following which you can create stylish bows for any situation.

Materials stylish man’s wardrobe

If last season was dominated by products from male materials like tweed, wool, woolen cloth, linen and velvet, the new collection is rife with models of aristocratic velvet, masculine skin, able to emphasize the brutality and the character of this man.


The delicate texture of the velvet was mega-popular in the 80-ies, when it sewed almost all the clothes from dresses to outerwear. Designers are again reminded of the velvet this year, presenting the model with an abundance of delicate tints, which had a resounding success among fashionistas.

Velvet products new season look noble and luxurious. However, they can be part of an everyday wardrobe and outfits for the publication. For the male wardrobe for the style velvet trousers and jackets. Full suits made from this material will give the man the Bohemian and aristocratic appearance.

According to designers, velvet things don’t have to look boring. In addition to classic black, they offer models rich deep red, purple, green, brown, blue.

Knit texture: the undisputed trend of the season

Knitted garments for many of the season holds a leading position among the fashionable preferences of men. It is impossible to imagine a more warm and practical material, which would still look incredibly stylish.

In the wardrobe of every man must be a couple of warm pullovers and sweaters patterned with large viscous, which is indispensable in the cold season. Designers trying to expand the horizons of the use of knitted things in mens wardrobe and offer a stylish wool coat with woven panels surround the cardigans-oversized, stylish snudy and scarves custom style with fringe and large decor.



Suede products – the choice of a small category of fashion, however, and the designers have ensured, once again, presenting on the catwalk a collection of bombers, jackets, coats and suede shoes.

Fashionable colors of men’s wardrobe

Men’s fashion of the new season can not be called boring and mundane. Men are tired of gray colors and minimalist styles. In the new season designers have proposed models with incredible prints, pushing a monochromatic clothes.

In addition to the usual checkered prints on the catwalks flashed floral pictures, juicy colors and stylized animals.


The usual «tartan» are no longer satisfied with men. They seek to diversify your wardrobe at times extravagant and fancy prints, which are decorated with not only shirts but also pants, bomber jackets, coats.

Trending blue-white, gray-green, red-orange cage, similar to the themed outfits of the fashionistas of the era mods.


Men’s closet does not tolerate flashy leopard prints and imitation tortoise shell. However, this does not mean we have to permanently exclude such decor. The designers decided to give them an unusual shape and expression, with an emphasis on fantasy and realistic animals.

Important requirement – print should take up most of your sweatshirts or t-shirts that look bright and rich.

The trend of the new season – anthropomorphism. Increasingly, the shows of Dolce&Gabbana you can find clothes with the prints of wolves and foxes in the uniforms of generals. No less relevant fantasy paintings, with a predominance of animal characters.


The abundance of floral prints is considered to be the prerogative of a woman’s wardrobe, but in the new season and men’s clothing will resemble a blooming garden of Eden. Designers have proposed the t-shirts, jackets, vests and even pants with incredible flowers, petals, songs from garden and field flowers.

The hit of the season – Victorian tapestry texture, which are decorated with almost all garments, even to shoes.

Required elements of the male wardrobe

Well-chosen details and accessories of the image can dramatically change it, transforming in a childish or Vice versa, strict and brutal. So what things do you need to include in your wardrobe to easily create a stylish and attractive outfits for each day?


Many men find the vest element of the so-called «Troika», but modern models of this clothing has long ceased to be a sign of the strict style. Designers have proposed a large number of non-standard solutions with the use of velvet, corduroy, leather, decorated with floral prints and stripes.


Snudy can be attributed to the must have of the new season. One piece scarf only-only began to be included in men’s wardrobe and the designers seem to be trying to make up for lost time, providing the most incredible knitted and silk snoods.

In the trend of the classic snudy shades without unnecessary decoration, and youth models with «ears» animals are not interchangeable under a short jacket or a jacket.

Bomber jacket

None of the male wardrobe in the new season will not be without a bomber jacket. It is a traditional clothing of pilots 30 years has firmly taken root in the images of modern men. If the first models were made in a practical black color, the latest bombers are of a great variety of shades. Trending sand and khaki colors, more saturated blue, Burgundy, green options.

In creating a harmonious men pay special attention to the harmonious combination of things. If your outfit is designed in street, sport or business style, all items must strictly conform to each other.

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