Crystals AMD Ryzen take up less space than competing solutions from Intel

Processors Ryzen, which should be on the market in March, produced on 14-nanometer process technology. That is AMD for the first time in a long time, caught up with Intel in this matter, although the latter at the end of the year will present for 10-nanometer Cannonlake solutions.

As it became known, the crystals of processors Ryzen approximately 10% smaller than the crystals Intel Kaby Lake. For comparison, AMD has brought a Quad-core processor, the die area which is 44 mm2, whereas the same CPU Intel an area of 49 mm2.

While AMD solutions are the amount of cache memory of the second level (512 KB per core vs 256 KB per core from Intel) and the same 8 MB cache in the third level are in General smaller (16 vs 19,1 mm2). Also AMD has moved to the use of technology metal-insulator-metal (MIM, metal-insulator-metal) when creating capacitive elements.



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