Cryptographic accelerator Kalray Krypto128 is built on a processor Bostan

The company Kalray announced the start of sales of the cryptographic accelerator Krypto128 made in the form of an expansion card is PCIe 3.0 x16. The map was the Bostan processor with 256 cores. At the disposal of the processor is 4GB of DDR3-1866.

As stated, the processor Bostan allows you to get performance at the level of specialized integrated circuits with much greater flexibility. According to the manufacturer, application examples Krypto128 show that the map is able to replace the system of eight Intel Xeon E5 2630 v3, performing the task of compression Lz4, encryption algorithm to AES128 and ensure data integrity through codes error correction. The possibility of programming high-level language (C/C++) provides freedom in the choice of algorithms. The throughput of the card reaches 120 Gbps, and typical power consumption is 25 watts.

In Kalray see two applications Krypto128. The first storage subsystem to servers and CC. The second secure network connection, including VPN.

Source: Kalray


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