CrucialTec has patented a transparent fingerprint sensor

Company CrucialTec has patented a transparent fingerprint sensor that allows the touch displays of smartphones to recognize fingerprints.

Patented technology allows increase the sensitivity of a particular part of the display device for fingerprint recognition. The new sensor is a highly efficient solution which can be used with existing touch screens for smartphones.

«Transparent fingerprint sensor is the next phase of an ongoing project to create the thumbprint scanner on the screen of the smartphone, which began in 2012 under the name Display Fingerprint Solution (DFS), — said the representative of CrucialTec. — Our company will try to patent related technologies, materials and algorithms».

We will remind, in February the company already talked about the recognition of multiple fingerprints on the smartphone display.

CrucialTec is supplying the fingerprint sensors for LG Electronics, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.



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