CrucialTec fingerprint sensor for IOT devices is equipped with its own processor

Company CrucialTec, which specializiruetsya on creating fingerprint sensors, has introduced a new module for IOT devices.

Fingerprint sensors designed for smartphones, make use of the compute power of system on a chip. The new module, which is equipped with its own integrated processor designed for use in computer and consumer electronics, electric bicycles and other devices connected to the Network. Dimensions of the new fingerprint sensor CrucialTec is 17 x 17 mm.

The press release says that at the moment CrucialTec talks with many companies regarding the use of this module in the new devices of the Internet of things.

CrucialTec is one of the major suppliers of fingerprint scanner for LG Electronics, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and other companies.



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