Crossover Tesla Model Y, we can expect only a few years

About the Tesla Model Y, we have heard only once. It was in October of 2015. However, then published the photo actually belonged to the crossover Model X.

As it turned out, the name of the Model Y still will use Tesla. As reported by Elon Musk (Elon Musk), to wait this car is not for a few years.

It will be compact crossover which will be a step below Model X. Accordingly, the value of the car will be lower. Probably in the range of a Tesla model Model Y will take with respect to the Model X in the same position to that of Model 3 relative to Model S. it is Precisely known that the Falcon Wing doors, which is a unique feature of the Model X, will continue for a younger model.

Musk also noted that the first time the Model 3 sedan will not be offered in twin-engine configuration.

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