Crash test of the day: Samsung Galaxy Note7, protected by Gorilla glass 5, were subjected to various tests

Last month, the company Corning introduced a protective glass Gorilla glass 5. As in the case of the previous generation, without fanfare, Samsung was the first to use glass for the new generation of its flagship smartphone. It is easy to guess that it was about Galaxy Note7.

Despite the fact that Note7 is not protected with a smartphone, and could only offer protection from water, colleagues from the resource Xeetechcare decided to recuperate and to put new the Korean giant to various forms of torture.

We provide you with a video where the device was dropped from a small height onto the asphalt, but on the link to see the rest.

Note that for the camera, almost completely «chained» in the glass, the subject quite adequately withstood the crash test, although we can not say that he walked for him in vain.



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