Crafts from shells with your hands

No trip to sea is not complete without a nice little gift – a beautiful stone and a variety of shells collected on the beach. Unfortunately, the stones are of particular value to “handmade”, so the best thing you can do with them is to decorate the glass vase or aquarium with fish. Other things with shells, which due to the winding structure, an interesting color scheme can create beautiful crafts. We offer you 6 master classes with seashells that will bring them a second life.



Prepare shells

First, you thoroughly clean the shells from the debris, remains of barnacles and slime.

It is better to use chlorine solution, bleach or any detergent.

To completely remove minor plaque it is enough to place the shells in a solution of cleanser. To clean more stubborn dirt will have to walk on a surface with a sponge or regular tooth brush until completely clean.

For the treatment of shells from living clams or fresh remaining particles need to boil them for 5-10 minutes and remove the insides with the forceps.

If your shells don’t want to part with adherent contamination, repeat the procedure several times until completely clean.

The final stage of the cleaning, rinse the shells in water mixed with chlorine.

Remove the chips and cracks

It is difficult to find perfect shells, even the most beautiful and multi-layered have little cracks, spoiling the overall appearance of the final product.

To get rid of chips, you need to sand the shell with sandpaper or sanding timber.

After polishing it is possible to cover shell clear nail Polish or conventional furniture with wood stain. This will make them more beautiful and brilliant, this will cause microscopic cavities and cracks.

Make the holes

To create the necklace, «dream catcher» bracelet or will need to drill into the shells of small holes.


To prevent damage to the shell and not split it, use:

  • drill or screwdriver – take the thin drill bit with a sharp tip. Place the workpiece on a flat wooden Board, secure it with tape and drill a hole in the right place.

  • nail and hammer, secure the shells on the smooth surface, fixing with tape. Place a small nail in the place where must be hole and gently tap it with a hammer. The main thing to calculate the force of impact and not damage the surface of the shell.

The structure of the shells are very fragile, so remember the basic rule: the thinner the material, the greater should be the drill or a nail.

1: Frames of sea shells with their hands

Create crafts with shells not difficult, but requires special and careful relationship process.

Tinkering bracelets and beads made from shells can even so offer you to do more interesting crafts.

The usual frames for pictures will look much more interesting if you decorate them with sea shells.

We need:

  • shells of different sizes
  • glue or melt
  • consumables such as Newspapers, paper
  • Scotch
  • decorative elements for decorating – beads, figurines on the marine theme

How to create frame:

  • Prepare the work area – cover the table surface with paper or newspaper, anchoring it with tape.
  • Sort the shells by size.
  • 3. Issued the first number of frames with large shells, as the second series use the material medium size. The smallest shells decorate the top layer of frames.

    4. The remaining space between the shells decorate decorative figurines – starfish, anchor, sun, colored sand.

    2: Panels of shells with his hands

    Created by your own hands picture on the marine theme with shells, starfish, stones will be the best decoration for your house, reminiscent of last holiday.

    To create a panel you need:

    • thick cardboard of any shape
    • sea shells, stars, stones
    • decorative elements for decoration

    The stages of decoration:

  • Cut out the cardboard rectangle or any other shape as desired.
  • Glue the cardboard surface plain paper, decorative film themed print pattern, or decorate with a nautical theme.
  • With the help of hot melt glue or PVA to glue the shells and other material on the surface of the cardboard in any order.
  • The gaps between the shells adorn the beautiful knots of thick twine or decorative ornaments.

    3: the picture of the shells with your hands

    Sea shells can be a wonderful addition to the already finished canvas. To create a pattern with marine elements, take a picture and using super glue glue it with shells or pebbles.

    In the presence of artistic ability you can draw a picture under the sink from scratch, focusing on those places where will be located the marine elements.

    4: a Candle holder made of sea shell

    To create such crafts need large shells and candles-tablets (can be scented).

    Place the center of the shells candles without a metal base and lay them on the surface of the pan. Turn the stove on medium heat. The wax from the shells begin to melt, penetrating into every available space.

    After the candle has melted, adjust the wicks so that they can be easy to ignite. Using tongs, remove the shells from the fire and wait until it cools down. Original candle holder made of sea shells ready.

    Bottle of bivalve shells

    Flat shells, which at first glance are not particularly valuable, but using them to create unique, layered candle.

    Stages of work:

  • Clean the shell method, is given in the beginning of the article
  • Lay out the material to size
  • Take a round-based – metal cover, a flat glass plate
  • To the base using the melt glue the first layer of shells. Use material of the largest size.
  • 5. Gradually add more tiers on top of the bottom positioning shell overlap.

    6. Chips, cracks, or gaps between the shells, cover with decorative elements – beads, figurines nautical theme, etc.

    In the end it should be a candle in the shape of a Lotus. The product can be coated with a transparent varnish or white paint to make it more similar with the flower.

    5: wind chime made of sea shells

    Music wind is a unique talisman for the home or garden that transformerait negative energy into positive, helps to get rid of unpleasant thoughts.

    Creating a wind chime with your hands, you will make this talisman is even more pure energy that will fill your home. To create this amulet with his own hands everyone can.

    We need:

    • shells of different sizes
    • a strong thread or twine
    • beads, stones, decorative items

    Stages of Assembly of the talisman:

  • Prepare shells – clean them with a chlorine-containing fluid and drill small holes.
  • Prepare some segments of swords of different lengths.
  • String on twine shell, alternating beads, figurines or drilled in the middle of the stones.
  • You can add to every branch of music wind small bells.

    Just imagine what chime your home will be filled with the original talisman, handmade.

    6: the Ship sinks with their hands

    How often on vacation we are offended the beautiful white ships of the shells. This souvenir is not cheap, but not necessarily to part with money to become the owner of the frigate out of sea shells.

    With the help of our master class you will be able to create such a ship on their own.


    • RAPAN medium size, which will serve as a basis for the hull
    • match them we will use for future Rei
    • 10-15 shells for the sails
    • thin sticks – I can use regular candy skewers
    • large shell-comb – a stand for the ship
    • thread
    • glue, knife

    The stages of the design of the ship:

  • Prepare the skewers the same size.
  • Using glue point glue to the masts matches (Rei) across the skewers. The ends of matches wrapped with twine or thread.
  • Glue to the grid of the future sails of the shell, starting with the largest.
  • In the warp holes to drip the adhesive and set the finished mast. Wait until the glue dries.
  • 5. Using threads create the rigging. This pulls them between the upper and lower reami. That will held on tighter.

    6. All elements of the ship it is necessary to glue glue Point, further pinning them to the product. Decorate your miracle ship decorative elements in the form of anchors or flags.

    The diversity of natural forms can easily be used to create a unique and unique jewelry.

    More ideas to create these masterpieces made of shells can be seen in the next photo.

    In the hands of creative people sea shells gain a second life. It is enough to show imagination and shellfish old home turn into a beautiful sea song, or panels, which will be a perfect decoration of your home or serve as an original gift for friends and family.

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