CPU Intel Core i9-7900X compared with Core i7-6950X in the test CPU-Z

Yesterday, Intel introduced processors Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X, among which quite unexpectedly turned out to be models with 16 or even 18 cores.

A little later, the Network appeared the test results of 10-core CPU Core i9-7900X, which came to replace the model Core i7-6950X. At that, the new CPU works at higher frequencies and costs significantly less.

So, in the test CPU-Z new scored 527 points in a single thread and 5198 of points in multi-threaded. Core i7-6950X thus scored 430 and 5030 points, respectively.

In addition, there are the results of testing the overclocked model Core i7-7800X in Cinebench R15. Processor frequency 5755 MHz scored 1918 points. For comparison, the Core i7-5820K at a frequency of nearly 6 GHz is gaining 1806 points.



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