CPU Intel Core i7-8700K often a little ahead of Ryzen 1800X 7, but its working temperature forcing guard

Yesterday we could see the first tests of Intel Core i7-8700K. But the rivals did not take any single CPU AMD. It fixed online PC Online, which is tested at the same time and Core i5-8600K, as well as a pair of rivals from the family of Ryzen.

Core i5-8600K, recall, has six cores with a frequency of 3.6-4.3 GHz and does not support Hyper-Threading.

As you can see, in most applications the new flagship Intel demonstrates performance at level 7 Ryzen 1800X, sometimes ahead of the opponent, and sometimes a little behind. Is where Core i7-8700K significantly pulled out ahead. Given that the Intel CPU costs less, it can be called an excellent result.

However, not everything is so rosy when it comes to Core i5-8600K. Despite the presence of six cores, this CPU is often lags behind the Core i7-7700K, which may explain the lower base frequency and the lack of support for HT. In addition, the Core i5-8600K in most of the tests inferior Ryzen 5 1600X, which is now cheaper competitor, and in fact AMD can even reduce rates after the advent of the Intel innovations in the market.

In General, if we talk about performance in severe applications, the Core i7-8700K came clearly good, but regarding the rest of the line, the question is still open.

If we talk about gaming performance, it all depends on processorepiemonte of a project, but in most cases, the new flagship of Intel special advantages before the old has not.

Well, another important issue is power consumption and heat. It is no secret that with the release of CPU Kaby Lake, it became clear that Intel has implemented some changes in architecture, which led to a substantial increase in energy consumption. Of course, this touched the CPU and the Coffee Lake, which is elementary more cores.

As you can see, Core i7-8700K consumes 41 watts more than the Core i7-7700K, and at 16 watts more than Ryzen 7 1800X! With temperatures the situation is even worse.

A difference of 20°C With the main competitor, which more and more number of cores is, of course, the achievement, except that in a bad way.

Total, if to shut eyes to some serious heat too, the Core i7-8700K for its price. got a great processor. However, questions remain to other models in the new family. Perhaps overall it came out not so good they seemed on paper.



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