CPU Core i9-7980XE at a frequency of 6.1 GHz consumes more than 1000 watts of power and operates at zero temperature using liquid nitrogen

As you know, yesterday Intel Core i9-7980XE went on sale, but many thematic resources published its tests.

A little later came the first record of overclocking this CPU. The overclocker Der8auer managed to make the new processor work on frequency of 6.1 GHz, while maintaining the activity of all 18 cores and Hyper-Threading technology. Of course, we used a cooling system with liquid nitrogen. Base frequency of the CPU, recall, is 2.6 GHz.

At the frequency of 5.5 GHz in conjunction with the overclocked GeForce GTX 1080 Ti managed to get 35 782 points in 3DMark Fire Strike, and the frequency of 5.6 GHz processor scored 257 and 5635 points in single-threaded and multi-threaded Cinebench R15.

As it is known, moreover, that Core i9-7980XE has become the most powerful consumer processor, it is the most voracious. And even if the usual overclocking to 4.1 GHz CPU increases power consumption more than 200 watts, when extreme acceleration values and is incredible.

So, when the maximum values of frequency and voltage of 1.45 was recorded energy consumption more than 1000 watts! This led to the fact that the temperature of the CPU overclocking was positive, despite the fact that the temperature of liquid nitrogen in the tank was around -100°C!

This is a very good indication that Intel could squeeze the maximum possible from the current architecture to regain the title of manufacturer of the most powerful desktop processor.



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