CPU cooler MSI Frozr Core XL is equipped with two fans

Range explained CPU cooler Core Frozr XL, announced last year. From the model Core Frozr L it has customizable led lights, and a second fan.

Design Core Frozr XL includes a copper base with an area of 51 x 40 mm, connected to eight copper heat pipes 6 mm in diameter with an aluminum radiator. The base and tube Nickel-plated. The radiator has mounted two 120 mm fan with hydrodynamic bearings.

The special features of the product include the possibility of displacement of the fan height so they do not interfere with the memory modules, located near the CPU socket.

The fan speed is regulated by PWM in the range of 500-1500 rpm. however, their performance varies in the range of 33.6-121 v3/h, and the noise level in the range of 17.2 is 33.6 dBA.

The cooler is compatible with all modern AMD and Intel processors with a TDP of 250 watts. Its dimensions are equal 150,4 x 170,0 x 129,8 mm, weight — 1295, the price information sources are not given.

Sources: Techpowerup, MSI



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