CPU cooler Lepa NEOllusion equipped with a remote control

With the announcement of the CPU cooler Lepa Lepa NEOllusion the company continues to pursue the creation of cooling systems with customizable backlighting. Difference of a novelty from the competition was the unusual location of LEDs instead of fan they are placed on two opposite sides of the radiator, forming a simple pattern. The illumination color, its brightness and the lighting effects are configured using the utility, and complete remote operating distance up to three meters. The IR receiver sits on the upper part of the cooler.

Tower cooler Lepa NEOllusion includes four copper heat pipes cross-section 6 mm in direct contact with the surface of the CPU. Narrow aluminum heatsink does not interfere with the installation of high memory. Heat-conductive coating protects the heat sink from oxidation, and notches on the edges to evenly distribute the air flow more efficiently removing heat.

Fan size 120 mm is specially shaped blades that create a more directed airflow. It rotates at a speed from 400 to 1800 rpm, generating noise from 14 to 33 dBA. The air flow can reach 128,12 cubic meters per hour, in General, the cooler Lepa NEOllusion able to take the CPU up to 200 W of thermal energy. The fan is attached with easy to use latches.

The dimensions of the cooler Lepa NEOllusion 126 x 40 x 161,7 mm weight 645 g, the kit includes mounts for all currently relevant processor sockets. In sale the novelty will appear by the end of November.



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